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Border: A Review by Bruce Walton

“Border,” the new movie that is Sweden’s submission for the Best Foreign Film Oscar, is an adult fairy tale, part “Snow White,” part “Eraserhead,” part “CSI: Stockholm.” The protagonist Tina is an exceedingly homely woman who believes her freakish looks to be the result of congenital chromosomal anomalies. Tina feels out of place in society but she does her best to fit in.  She works.  She has a sponge of a live-in boyfriend.  She cares for an aged parent. Beyond […]

Eighth Grade, A review by TWO Eighth Graders

INTRO: Hey hey. Cheila here. Today was really fun because my friend Keri and I brought our 13 year old daughters in to see Eighth Grade  and had them each write up their review of the film. How cool to watch this film with your 8th grader! It’s one of those Zoe moments that shoot straight to the heart. The film has an R rating which all four of us agreed was crazy. It’s SUPER clear that 13/14 year olds […]

Progress for Phase 2!

Want to know what’s going on? READ ON! The New Still arrived!!!!!!! FINALLY YAY! Nate rescued the doors from his classroom at Reynolds Middle School and had them stripped of  years of paint. The metal doors were refinished by Nate and the look he achieved gave them new life! Bitters testing. There are about 60+ different bottles of bitters that we’re sampling and testing for cocktails for the distillery. This thick wood is also rescued out of the Reynolds dumpster. […]

How To Talk To Girls At Parties By O.W. Dee

If you ever wondered what propelled the punk music explosion in Britain in 1977, you now have your answer: Aliens! The inventive minds of director John Cameron Mitchell (“Shortbus,” “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,”) and writer Neil Gaiman spell it out for us in their wild new film, “How to Talk to Girls at Parties.” When you hear a Nicole Kidman character say “Don’t you know that sex is over?” you feel we are in uncharted territory. In one sense, […]

RBG-A Gushing Review by Cheila

I make it a priority at Zoe to choose films that a wide variety of people will like which is often a balancing act of film taste, public demand and bringing films with a cause to Lancaster. My favorite thing about this job is when a movie like RBG comes along that fulfills all of the categories at once and it’s a huge hit….and let me tell you RBG is kind of like a booster shot of hope and gratitude. […]

Lancaster ArtWalk 2018

This weekend May 5th and 6th is the Lancaster ArtWalk! We’re super excited because we are bringing the film I, Claude Monet to the screen just for ArtWalk. On Saturday and Sunday we’ll have early shows at 11:00am so that you can start your ArtWalk tour with us and get inspired by the master as you fill the rest of your day with art all over the city. Tickets are available on our site or click here. In I, Claude […]

We’ve Moved and We’re Showing Films!

Drum roll please! We’ve moved and we’re now showing films at our new 112 N. Water St. location! Thank you for your patience during our transition period. So many details and plans changed along the way and it was difficult to nail down a specific date for the public but we’ve done it at last! We’ve definitely been on what we call the “Zoe-lercoaster” as you might imagine when you expand and move a business. Thrilling with unexpected twists and […]

Roots & Blues Success!

  Wow what a weekend! Our new location on Water St. was open this weekend for Roots & Blues and we were all on cloud nine. After months of construction the team worked non-stop to get our space ready for the festival. We’re so proud of the new theater space so far and are eternally grateful to the many volunteers who helped us with all the hard work it took to prepare the space. From hanging curtains to painting, heavy […]

Construction Junction

 As many of you may or may not know, construction on a building can feel like a big can of worms. A once “easy project” turns into months of hard work. I remember years ago when we wanted new kitchen cabinets and ended up demoing the entire kitchen down to the bare bones and thinking “what did we get ourselves into?” Here is a photo of what our theater space looked like a year ago when excavation began.     […]