The Evolution of Zoetropolis Changing Over Time

Zoetropolis is a movie theater, restaurant, and distillery! Currently we are open for Lunch, Dinner and weekend Brunch hours and you can time your dining around our showtimes! Soon we’ll be offering in-theater dining so you don’t even have to leave your seat!


The Original Location circa the 1990s

Lemon Street

Zoetropolis started out in the 1990’s as a small Art house theater dreamed up and run by Leigh Lindsay. Even in its early stages Zoe quickly gathered a hefty following of loyal fans who came not only for the films but for music and art.

Zoe Version 2 circa 2014

James Street

Through hard work and a love of the arts Leigh, Cheila and Nate  nurtured and expanded Zoetropolis into a venue that has effectively blended film with engaging collaborations with other local businesses such as restaurant partnerships, events for cultural awareness, and social causes. Through these experiences, we broadened our vision of what Zoetropolis is and what it could be.

 Our New Location 2019

Water Street

With the addition of Todd and Matt, our team of 5 owners has come together to further develop Zoetropolis to make it an all new cinema experience. Zoetropolis will be the destination for people to come for film, libations, food, and music. All of our energies and creativity have been culminating to this point and we’re beyond thrilled to share our new vision of Zoe with you.

Five Managing Partners

Meet The Team

The Zoetropolis team is a passionate group of people who came together in support of the arts and who aim to create a home for high-quality art films, spirits, food, and music. Combining our ideas and skills, we’ve developed the Art House into a Cinema Still House where we enhance the movie-going experience by pairing it with an onsite micro distillery and restaurant. We aim to bring films to the screen that expand your thinking, create opportunities for connection and conversation and remind people that the experience of being in a theater can be a treasure.