The Story of Zoetropolis 



Once Upon a time, Zoetropolis looked like this at 235 West Lemon St. It was a  labor of love built by Leigh Lindsay and Scott Miller. Leigh had been building movie theaters across the country since her college days and wanted to establish a unique art house for the city of Lancaster, a city that was just beginning to embrace the art culture at the time. In a way, Leigh has always been thinking ahead of her time, looking for what is possible and making it happen obstacles be damned. The first Zoetropolis existed before First Fridays, before Gallery Row and before art became part of the lure of our little city. After a six year run, Zoetropolis, closed it’s doors to the great sadness of many who had grown to love and support it. In the meantime, life happened, families were formed and the city grew.  In 2013 with the encouragement and support of a new business partner Karen Roberts, Zoetropolis was reborn in a bigger location with greater than ever potential.  Below you can see the transformation of the current Zoetropolis and the two room dynamic.  In the cafe/event space we hold parties of all kinds, yoga classes, open mic nights, gatherings and meetings while the theater side houses the coolest movies in town with our eclectic mix of traditional seating, cozy recliners and couches.

IMG_0670 (2)IMG_0666 (2)

In 2014 co-owners Cheila Huettner and Nate Boring joined the Zoe family and together with Leigh  are working to help it thrive and grow to reach it’s potential.  Zoetropolis at 315 West James St. is not only a theater but a versatile event space that we are all proud of and excited to share with the community.  We show some of the finest independent, foreign and documentary films that you won’t find in multiplex theaters thereby offering Lancaster and the surrounding areas something truly out of the ordinary.  We encourage everyone to check out our space and take advantage of the Art House that we have created for you, our fantastic community.