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Poster for Zoe Sparks / Big Fat Meanies / Tuck Ryan & AJAY

Zoe Sparks / Big Fat Meanies / Tuck Ryan & AJAY

Coming on January 21

Run Time: 210 min.

~ Jan 21, 2023 ~ Showtime 8PM ~ $15 Advance / $17 Day-of ~

Zoe Sparks

Rising singer-songwriter Zoe Sparks has made waves on social media and in the New England music scene – not only for her smooth soulful voice, but for the hard-hitting bass grooves she lays down simultaneously. Through her conversational lyrics and their meaningful messages, Sparks leaves a lasting impression with her genre-bending blend of funk, soul, R&B, and pop. Originally from LA, Sparks is currently based in Boston, MA, where she studied at Berklee College of Music. She is best known for her exhilarating live performances with her 7-piece band that has performed around the Northeast, including opening for Lawrence, Del Water Gap, and Victor Wooten.

Big Fat Meanies

Voted “Best Rock Band” in Central Pennsylvania, Big Fat Meanies offers a high-octane dose of horn-driven progressive rock with each impressive performance. The independent eight-piece ensemble hailing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania wields an on-stage energy that can only be matched by their catalog of exhilarating songwriting. Drawing inspiration from genres of all nature – including pop, punk, funk, metal, ska, and even musical theatre – Big Fat Meanies’ signature episodic songwriting archetype blends the varied musical backgrounds of each member in perfect harmony.

Tuck Ryan & AJAY w/ Kyon Williams

Tuck Ryan is a Philadelphia based artist whose sound is reminiscent of the classic soul and pop that defined the 70s, while also blending strong modern production sensibilities and the Americana songwriters of his childhood. His music seeks to spirit you away to a timeless mindset, where attention to production detail equally meets spirited songwriting and saturated grooves.

Tuck will be joined by frequent collaborators from Philadelphia AJAY ( & Kyon Williams (@kyonxt) on bass/vocals and drums respectively.


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