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Poster for Weekend With The Wall (Day Two): The High & Wides / Tanjo & Crow / Jordan Rast & Monica de Vitry

Weekend With The Wall (Day Two): The High & Wides / Tanjo & Crow / Jordan Rast & Monica de Vitry

Coming on February 18

Run Time: 210 min.

~ Saturday February 18, 2023 ~ Doors @ 7:30PM, Showtime @ 8PM ~ $25 ~

Weekend With The Wall

Zoetropolis is proud to welcome Anthony Coscia’s fully-operational 1/4 scale Wall of Sound back to the theater! This time around, the Wall will be set up at Zoetropolis during the whole weekend of February 17 – February 19, and we’ve got some great stuff planned!

Day Two (Evening Session):

The evening session of Weekend With The Wall: Day Two will feature a killer lineup of bluegrass and folk music by The High and Wides, Tanjo & Crow, and Jordan Rast & Monica de Vitry!

The High and Wides

The High & Wides project a big, driving sound—musical traditions re-imagined for a new century. With roots in urban Baltimore and the rural Delmarva peninsula, they draw on bluegrass backgrounds and weave in influences from new wave to old time to make music that defies boundaries while evoking the era when country, bluegrass, western swing, and early rock’n’roll mingled freely.

They have three albums: 2018’s “Lifted” (named for the gear theft that forced the band to re-record the completed album from scratch) and 2019’s “Seven True Stories” feature the band’s strong songwriting and arranging, and 2022’s “Blood: Family Harmony Classics” highlights their roots with covers of songs by groups such as the Kershaw Brothers, Maddox Brothers & Rose, and the Carter Family. “The Apostles of Hillbilly Boogie” – Washington Post

Check Out Their Youtube Channel Here


Tanjo & Crow

Tanjo & Crow Project is a no-holds-barred exploration of roots music through distinctive songwriting, Appalachian arrangements, and seemingly fearless improvisation. The project draws upon the diverse musical backgrounds of Tanner Bingaman (Tanjo), Allan Combs II (Crow)

Jordan Rast & Monica de Vitry

Monica de Vitry & Jordan Rast are a folk duo from Lancaster, PA. Both de Vitry and Rast are accomplished singer-songwriters and multi-instrumentalist. With two voices, one guitar, and one cello, they create an original sound that is rooted in traditional music. They released their first recording – a demo with six songs – online in April 2017.

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