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Poster for The Ogham Stones LIVE at Zoetropolis!

The Ogham Stones LIVE at Zoetropolis!

Coming on March 18

Run Time: 120 min.

~ March 18 ~ 8:00PM ~ $10 ~

Born in the back room of a pub and raised in the basement of an abandoned armory, don’t miss Lancaster’s greatest Celtic rock band performing LIVE for a St. Paddy’s Day celebration…Slainte!

The Ogham Stones formed in 2010 when a cantankerous bartender, flustered at his beloved city’s lack of a great Celtic band, approached a piper he knew from playing out in the bars (and his own wedding!) and asked her if she wanted to kick it, band-style…thankfully, Amanda said yes. They were joined by Matt on mandolin and banjo, James on guitars, and Shawn on drums. In 2021, Claudia became our fiddler and Mike joined us on bass guitar, and we’ve been rocking out ever since. Mix these folks up with the kilted guy with the growly voice and you’ve got yourself an Irish band, My Friend!

All in all, we’re just a bunch of fun-lovin’, hard-drinkin’ lovers of Irish and Celtic music…we’re going to inspire you to have a good time…hopefully, you’ll sing along and dance…and, if you’re not careful, you just might learn something…Slainte!

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