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Poster for Pressing Strings w/Dylan Zangwill

Pressing Strings w/Dylan Zangwill

Coming on September 15

Run Time: 120 min.


Doors – 7:30 PM

Showtime – 8:00 PM

Tickets – $15

Pressing Strings

When music is given the benefit of instinct, imagination and inspiration, the results are guaranteed to be good. So it ought to come as no surprise that the critically-acclaimed Annapolis Maryland-based trio, appropriately dubbed Pressing Strings, has infused those elements within their musical mantra the beginning. The band —Jordan Sokel (Guitar/Vocals), Nick Welker (Bass, Vocals), and Justin Kruger (Drums, Vocals) can trace its origins to Sokel’s initial fascination with some iconic influences, among them, the usual suspects — Dylan, Marley, Simon, Withers, Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Led Zeppelin, etc., as well as some more under the radar artists like Taj Mahal, R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, and Nick Drake.

Fascination became fulfillment once he picked up the guitar and started writing songs. That’s when his course became clear.  After growing up in New Jersey and Arizona, he eventually moved to Arnold, Maryland to attend high school and eventually university at Salisbury University. However once there, he found he began having doubts about his career choice. That’s when he made it his mission to pursue his musical muse. Still in college, he formed Pressing Strings with one of his buddies. Those early efforts, beginning in 2006, found Sokel’s desire and determination taking hold, eventually coalescing into a career that now spans six albums — Where We Are (2008), Episodes (2010), Pressing Strings (2012), Life of a Tree (2013), Owe the Source (2015), Settle In (2020) — and two EPs — Most of Us (2016) and Morning Takes (2021).

Not surprisingly then, Pressing Strings’ upcoming album, due for release on _____, And I For You, is the group’s most fully realized set of songs yet, one that touches on timeless themes that resonate and find meaning at a time when turmoil and tenacity seem so predominant within a weary world. They remind us that gratitude, devotion, and the wisdom, to recognize that even in the midst of uncertainty, there are virtues that are important to cling to and which, in turn, can ultimately lead to true satisfaction. 


Dylan Zangwill

From an early age, it was clear that Dylan Zangwill had a gift for music. He started playing the piano when he was 3, began playing guitar at the age of 9, and was singing before he could talk! While growing up on the outskirts of Philadelphia, he would often surprise and amaze guests at his parents’ brewery with spontaneous performances. By the time he was 12, Dylan’s following had grown to support him expanding and playing at other local venues. Dylan acquired a Hammond B3 Organ and Leslie speaker a few years back, which was life-changing! He immediately fell in love with the instrument and began incorporating it into his performances and original compositions. Additionally, it opened his eyes to how the worlds of Blues, Jazz, Soul, and Gospel complemented his love of Rock and Roll. 

In 2021, Dylan appeared on Season 16 of “America’s Got Talent.” He impressed the judges with his version of Queen’s, “Somebody To Love,” which got him a standing ovation from the judges. He then moved on to play one of his favorites, “House of the Rising Sun” on a Hammond B3 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. Since then, Dylan has focused on his original compositions and performing in much larger venues, captivating audiences with his soulful vocals and passionate performances. Dylan’s signature sound is unmistakable: powerful vocals, refined piano and guitar playing, and enthralling originals, delivered with a unique and engaging blend of bluesy rock and Southwestern flair (and let’s not forget that hair!)



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