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Poster for Ogham Stones & “The Irish Pub”
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Ogham Stones & “The Irish Pub”

Coming on December 14

Run Time: 150 min.

Doors – 6:30 PM

Tickets – $15 advance/$20 day of show

It’s a special Irish Christmas party with our favorite local Celts THE OGHAM STONES and a screening of the documentary THE IRISH PUB!



Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round for a night of pure Irish magic in the coziest corner of a small pub. Picture dimly lit surroundings, the scent of peat lingering in the air, and the warmth of laughter and clinking glasses. Now, imagine the stage bathed in a soft, golden glow as the tunes of an Irish band fill the room.

Allow me to introduce you to The Ogham Stones, a spirited group of musicians consisting of a fiddler, a guitarist, a mandolin player, and a vocalist with a voice that can make your heart dance a jig, is about to whisk you away on a musical journey.

As the fiddler’s bow dances over the strings, the bodhrán sets the heartbeat of the rhythm, and the guitarist’s fingers pluck out melodies that echo the stories of old. The vocalist’s voice, rough as a stone wall, weaves tales of love, loss, and the beauty of the Irish landscape.

So, grab a pint of the finest stout, find a cozy nook, and let The Ogham Stones transport you to the heart of Ireland, where the music flows as freely as the rivers and the spirit of the pub is alive with the soulful tunes of a traditional Irish band. Sláinte!



A eulogy to the greatest institution in Irish society, the pub, or more specifically the traditional Irish publicans who run them. Speaking to pub owners all over Ireland, Alex Fegan gets into the heart of what makes “the Irish pub” the institution that it is.


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