Live Music: The Nielsen Family Danksgiving Bonanza!

Wed Nov 27
  • Wed Nov 27

Run Time: 240 min.

Do we HAVE to say it?! This is gonna be a banger.

The eve before Thanksgiving is so special, because it’s a time when many gather in the homiest corner of their world to surround themselves with loved ones, to prepare for the giving of  thanks, the stuffing of faces, and of course to have an absolutely memorable time.

Please join us in welcoming home two of our favorite Lancaster bands after a week of touring down to North Carolina and back. This tour is going down in history and we want you to be a part of it!

Nielsen Family Band: the inimitable “space country” quintet that makes you wanna feel all the feels and groove all the grooves

Sun Not Yellow: a combustion of lyrical introspection and dynamite energy in the form of three very rad humans

Andrew Pauls: a refined lad with a guitar and tunes to soothe your soul

Thank you to Zoetropolis, the perfect venue for this special night. Come get comfy on a couch, have a dance, have a drink, bring your kids, bring your wife, bring your husband, because we’re getting ready to party family style up in here! <3