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Poster for Left Lane Cruiser w/Shaker

Left Lane Cruiser w/Shaker

Coming on December 30

Run Time: 120 min.

~ Saturday, December 30th ~ Showtime @ 8PM ~ $15 advance / $20 day-of ~

Left Lane Cruiser

Headed by singer/guitarist Freddy J IV with Brenn “Sausage Paw” Beck, Left Lane Cruiser is a bona fide blues rock band from the American mid-west. Left Lane Cruiser has been genuinely living the blues for over a decade, bringing its freestyle jams to crowds all over the world.

“Shake and Bake”, the band’s latest album, was cooked up in a van rolling heavy on the highway, headed by two baked and juiced musicians, veering across the lines, desperately steering towards rest and redemption at the nearest parking lot. It is a record about the juice that keeps the crowd dancing, the smoke that keeps the minds lifted. This is as real it gets.

Recorded “old school” analog by Jason Davis in his Fort Wayne’s studio, and with an album cover by legendary artist William Stout (Ramones, Fred McDowell, Iggy Pop), “Shake and Bake” has a heavy sound and a big heart. For Left Lane Cruiser the blues is enduring and easy to feel.


Shaker is a hill country blues band that hails from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The group cut their teeth in the metal core and post hardcore scene. After many years  on the road playing guitar in Lancaster’s own, This Or The Apocalypse, Rodney Phillips, Shaker’s founder, singer/songwriter, decided it was time to pull the reigns back a little and explore a new genre that felt more true to his soul. This calling came after his Gram passed down his Grandfathers 1930’s era, National Resonator and he started honing slide and finger picking styles taking inspiration from the likes of delta blues forefathers, Son House, Mississippi Fred McDowell, & RL Burnside, writing delta blues and swampy, hill country songs.

During this musical exploration Rodney decided to team up with longtime friend and ex guitarist of Emila Massacre, Brad Entrekin complimenting his blues inspired songs. All while the bands drummer, Brent Caltagirone was touring as a drum tech with numerous heavy bands, and searching for a blues band to play with in his down time between tours. That reconnected him with his ex band mate from This Or The Apocalypse, as the duo would improvise blues jams in between practices.

The band finally added their missing piece as they convinced their ex bassist of Emila Massacre and all around good guy, Eric Dorn to finally dust off his gear and to complete their sound. Shaker tries to represent the rich culture of Delta blues and depression era of the 30’s,40’s and 50’s folklore while bringing a fresh and contemporary take on the hill country blues style.

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