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Poster for I SPY / Brendan Brisk Band

I SPY / Brendan Brisk Band

Coming on May 6

Run Time: 180 min.

~ Saturday May 6, 2023 ~ doors @ 7:30PM ~ $15 ~

Brendan Brisk Band

Signees of Astrology Days Records, the Wilkes-Barre based Brendan Brisk Band is riding a
wave of momentum that is only beginning to crest. Best known for his kinetic guitar leads,
bandleader Brisk is a fervent home studio engineer and self-taught multi-instrumentalist whose
talent for composing and arranging music shines through on record. 2016 debut Astral
Counterfeit was entirely self-produced and performed. The requirements of translating his music
to a live setting led him to form Brendan Brisk Band, coalescing around drummer Justin
Malinowski, bassist Bernard Gavlick, and trumpeter Miles Orfanella.


I SPY is a music collective created by Sam Philip Yoder. As a multi-instrumentalist and composer, Sam leads the band primarily as the guitarist/composer but he also knows the ins and outs of a horn section from being a trombone player. So the group is an outlet to explore the possibilities of writing for a horn section and creating a sound that spans various genres. The band combines the complexity of “jazz” fusion music, composition, improvisation, with funk grooves, flowing melodies, and horn lines. You can find our live videos on Youtube and our EP, I SPY DIY, on all streaming platforms.

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