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Poster for Here not Here screening, plus live performances by Robin Chambers & Matt Otis / Hunter Root

Here not Here screening, plus live performances by Robin Chambers & Matt Otis / Hunter Root

Coming on June 16

Run Time: 170 min.

~ Friday June 16, 2023 ~ Doors @ 6PM, Showtime @ 7PM ~ $20 ~

Pennsylvania Based Film-Maker and Musician Matt Otis will be screening his award winning short film “Here not Here” on Friday, June 16th. In addition to the screening, Matt Otis and Robin Chambers will provide a musical performance based on film’s score, which they wrote and performed together for the film. Lancaster native Hunter Root will kick the evening off with a solo set. 


“Here not Here” (2022) depicts an existential love story of two individuals traversing life, love, loss, time, and the supernatural. The title “Here not Here” metaphorically and literally delves into the idea of being physically present, while mentally being elsewhere. The film was directed by Pennsylvania-based Matt Otis, while the musical score was also created by Otis and his band “Matt Otis and the Sound” with their 2022 album release also entitled “Here not Here” which is now available on Spotify, Itunes, and all streaming services. Many of the filming locations took place in Johnstown, PA in addition to countless other locations throughout Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh, Bedford, Altoona, Carlise & Winthrop Maine)


About the Film-Maker:

Matt Otis is a film-maker, musician, and teacher based out of central Pennsylvania. His film-making often focuses on cinematography/content depicting hyper-realism, existentialism, and surrealism. The latest film features music from his band’s latest album “Here not Here” which is also the title of the film. Otis plays in the band “Matt Otis and the Sound” featuring Robin Chambers on the Violin, Kent Tonkin on Bass, Ron Brode on Drums, Alec Zander Redd, on Sax. All music for the film was created by Matt Otis and the Sound, while some of the tracks will be performed before the actual screening.


Doors: 6:00 PM
Hunter Root: 7:00-7:30 PM
Matt Otis and Robin Chambers: 7:45-8:30 PM
Here not Here screening: 8:30-9:00 PM
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