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Poster for Hadassah Edith – Scared of the Sun Album Release Show w/ special guest Thunda Khatt

Hadassah Edith – Scared of the Sun Album Release Show w/ special guest Thunda Khatt

Coming on May 20

Run Time: 200 min.

~ Friday May 20, 2022 ~ Doors at 7:30pm, Showtime 8:00PM ~ $15 ~

Hadassah Edith

Hadassah makes music that moves you. That movement could be anywhere from physical

to spiritual, but with a voice that can range between angelic and guttural all in one song,

know that you will be moved one way or another. Currently based in Lancaster, PA,

Hadassah has added her voice and lyrics to enough different genres – jazz, indie, rock,

blues and beyond – that you can just say that she creates “music,” period, and leave it at that.


Her songs wind up being journeys unto themselves, often delicately layered with

mini-movements throughout their four and five minute runtimes. With a voice somewhere

between Jeff Buckley and Tracy Chapman, Hadassah knows how to guide a haunting

melody from her soul to yours.


Counterbalancing her intricate melodies are lyrics that can appeal to anyone with a

trackable pulse. Who hasn’t given or received love, or felt a spark within themselves when

certain emotions rush in? While not every song in her repertoire is about the comings and

goings of love, that feeling remains inextricable when you hear Hadassah sing.

In a club or concert hall, from the cheap seats to VIP, Hadassah will leave her mark by the

end of her set, if she hasn’t already by the end of her first song.


Thunda Khatt

Thunda Khatt is a Writer and Spoken Word Poet from Baltimore MD based out of Lancaster PA.
She’s been word bending for as long as she’s been able to hold a pen but has only referred to herself as a poet since taking a creative writing class during her senior year of high school. She credits the teacher of that class with igniting her pen after introducing her to Russel Simmons’ Def Poetry Jam. Through her poetry, Thunda Khatt tells the stories of the unheard. She lifts her voice to amplify those before her that could not speak and encourages those after her to never forget the power of their voice.
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