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Poster for Emmanuel Nsingani and Devon Brady

Emmanuel Nsingani and Devon Brady

Coming on June 23

Run Time: 200 min.

~ Thursday, June 23, 2022 ~ Showtime 8PM ~ $15 ~

Emmanuel Nsingani

Emmanuel Nsingani Congolese jazz musician, Emmanuel Nsingani, is a singer, songwriter, and multi instrumentalist. He is best known for his jazz bass playing. Nsingani has been playing music all his life, immersing himself in the world of jazz, gospel and, of course, Congolese rumba/soukous. Emmanuel’s eclectic vocal style features songs in French, English, Lingala and Lari. His music combines a strong flavor of traditional folkloric Congolese, with elements of jazz, rock, pop, Latin, R&B, and world music, creating a distinct, modern sound.

Nsingani’s songs are fueled by social and humanitarian concerns that are serious issues in central Africa, by a strong love of his homeland, and by his honest convictions about human rights. His optimistic lyrics include messages of faith, hope, and love—a celebration of the resiliency of the human heart.

Devon Brady

If an artist tells a story through their talent; Devon Brady tells some of the most profound and dynamic stories through the art of music. Her voice wakes you up with its rich and understated deeper tones. Her diction makes it clear she spent time in the theater, Her bright and smooth tones paint such clarity of her time in the opera; leaving her simplistic and raw dissonance as a dead giveaway to her love of jazz and blues music. Devon relates to music in a dynamic and sensational way, calling all music lovers along for the ride. Devon currently lives in Lancaster, PA and you can find her on Instagram at @afro_muse.

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