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Poster for Double Dose of Horror

Double Dose of Horror

Run Time: 180 min.

This First Friday Fright Night we are doing something a little bit different!

2 films~ Horrifying cocktails~ $18 tickets


“A heavy metal blood fest shot entirely on VHS. Bring a raincoat because the screen will be spewing cheap gore and buckets of guts. A couple of drug addict punks take a little too much acid and develop a thirst for blood. Starring Josh Christensen (ABCs of Death 2.5 and The Dark Military) as dead-to-the-world Pacey whose animal killing habits escalate when he meets the drug dealing, metal-punk cult leader Reb, played by Devil Master’s Francis Kano. Featuring Sadie Mae Gutz as an awkward, damaged girl with pet tumors, and a guest appearance by VHS legend David “The Rock” Nelson, the truest outsider artist of our time.
Featuring a vampiric metal punk soundtrack by local Philly bands Cape of Bats, Devil Master, Savage Mystic, Morgul Blade, Sorrow Night, and a live performance by Spiter. A score of noisey soundscapes and dreamy ambient music with guitar and vintage keyboards and unusual recording methods by Michael DiFrancesco. Filmed on barely functioning VHS camcorders older than some of the crew, and filled with homemade gore, blood, and special effects by first time writer/director Brewce Longo. Based on true stories.”


An undertaker and his two friends, who are restaurateurs, make business by going out on town and killing people; the restaurateurs use body parts for their menu, the entrepreneur buries the rest.