Art House Theater Day

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Run Time: 300 min.

Join us Wednesday, September 18th for a special evening of arthouse films. Arthouse theater day is the annual event nationwide that celebrates arthouse film and the brick and mortar arthouses that support it. Come support Zoetropolis Cinema Stillhouse and show your love of the arts and film with us!

**Giveaways, specialty cocktails and special programming**

Program 1: My Twentieth Century (1990) 

Born in Budapest, Lila (Dorotha Segda) and Dora (also Segda) are twin sisters who, after being orphaned in childhood, are adopted by two different families and separated. Purely by chance, they both book passage on the Orient Express on the same day, but while Dora is the mistress of a rich man, Lila has become a terrorist with intentions of blowing up the train. Meanwhile, elegant passenger Z (Oleg Yankovsky), romances Dora and is spurned by Lila — but he has no idea he’s dealing with twins.