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The Grapes of Death

Opens on April 7

Director: Jean Rollin Run Time: 91 min. Release Year: 1978 Language: French

Starring: Félix Marten, Marie-Georges Pascal, Mirella Rancelot, Patrice Valota, Serge Marquand

Pesticide gets sprayed on vineyards in France and, as happens, turns it’s countrymen into shambling, murdering, zombie-like maniacs! If you took “Night Of The Living Dead,” moved it from the rusty backwoods of Pittsburgh into the sprawling farms and decaying castles of Europe, and dialed up the fever-dream surrealness, you’d have this wino-ghoul nightmare from Jean Rollin.

Featuring Rollin’s favorite screen-siren Brigitte Lahaie and a hypnotic 70’s synth score.


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