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Saint Drogo

Opens on December 1

Director: Brandon Perras-Sanchez, Michael J. Ahern, Ryan Miller Run Time: 78 min. Release Year: 2023

Starring: Brandon Perras-Sanchez, Matthew Pidge, Michael J. Ahern, Payton St. James, Tradd Sanderson

A gay couple, whose relationship has grown a bit strained, take an impromptu trip to Provincetown, Cape Cod in the off-season. Caleb, one half of the couple, has been plagued by nightmares of his ex, who had been working in Provincetown for the summer. When they arrive to town, it appears Caleb’s ex has gone missing. As disturbing hallucinations continue to haunt Caleb, he becomes more determined in finding him. But the closer he gets, the sooner he nears the sinister secret the town is hiding.


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