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Poster for Robowar
Watch trailer for Robowar Watch trailer


Opens on March 3

Director: Bruno Mattei Run Time: 92 min. Release Year: 1988 Language: Italian

Starring: Catherine Hickland, Claudio Fragasso, Massimo Vanni, Reb Brown, Romano Puppo

Deep in the jungle, a crack team of burly commandos are being hunted by an inhuman, unstoppable force! Sounds like the plot of 80’s Arnold Schwarzenegger classic “Predator”? You would be correct! But picture “Predator” as made by European schlock-mongers with a budget that would get you a used Ford Pinto and you get ROBOWAR – a deliriously fun, macho, jungle terror-fest with a killer synth soundtrack and the amazing presence of low-budget action beefcake Reb Brown (of “Space Mutiny” “Yor: The Hunter From The Future,” and so many more).


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