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Run Time: 109 min.

A note from Executive Producer Phil Grabsky

Rembrandt is one of those artists frequently called an all-time great but to really grasp why he’s so revered you need to look at the detail, to have someone explain what you’re looking at and why it’s so significant. Only then can you truly understand Rembrandt’s extraordinary power. That is exactly what we do in this film.

The first time I saw a Rembrandt painting that really impressed me was at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam many, many years ago. I remember standing in front of this a huge painting ‘The Night Watch’ and being utterly enthralled by it, wondering who was this artist? Who were these characters? Why had it been painted? We at EXHIBITION ON SCREEN then made it a priority to find a major exhibition about Rembrandt that we could bring to you all around the world. We were very fortunate that the major exhibition that came along took place at The National Gallery in London and at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Both were delighted to afford us privileged access to make this film.