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Poster for Red Rose Film Festival 2022

Red Rose Film Festival 2022

Opens on September 8

Run Time: 180 min.

Follow the link to check out the whole Red Rose Program for 10/14- 10/15 —–>

The Red Rose Film Festival (RRFF) promotes programming and events that lift Global Perspectives for Local Impact.

We often share stories of a person or a community that might otherwise struggle to be heard. Our programmers, filmmakers, partners, volunteers and supporters all have diverse experiences and input that can make our impact that much greater, both to our community and the world around us.

Film is collaborative. The greatest films and filmmakers are a product of communities, educational establishments, personal perspective and environmental influences. Now we have an incredible opportunity to embrace all of them.

Community is our purpose. The perspectives of these filmmakers form a bridge across economic, gender, and cultural communities, which upholds our motto: “Global Perspectives, Local Impact.” 

It is in these values that we will continue to respect and represent our beloved Central PA community…

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