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Paris Is Burning

Opens on November 14

Director: Jennie Livingston Run Time: 71 min. Release Year: 1991

Starring: Dorian Corey, Octavia St. Laurent, Pepper LaBeija, Venus Xtravaganza, Willi Ninja

Presented by YWCA Lancaster’s Center For Racial & Gender Equity

This event is free thanks to support from the PA Department Of Tourism.

Donations for YWCA Lancaster would be appreciated.

In honor of Trans Awareness Week, join YWCA Lancaster for a film screening and discussion of “Paris is Burning.” This program is free and open to the public. This landmark documentary provides a vibrant snapshot of the late 1980s and early 1990s through the eyes of New York City’s African American and Latinx Harlem ballroom scene. Paris Is Burning offers an in-depth insight into a world rampant with homophobia and transphobia, racism, AIDS, and poverty. Through the film we learn the importance of a chosen family, resilience, and celebrating life through adversity. Join us after the film for a community facilitated discussion. We hope to see you there!





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