First Friday Fright Night

Fri Sep 6
  • Fri Sep 6

Fri Sep 6 @ 9:00 pm: FFFN

Run Time: 90 min.

All First Friday Fright Nights are Mr. Suit Records sponsored! The Mr. & the Mrs. are avid horror film fans.  Trust us when we say, no matter what movie they pick, it will be awesome. See you every first friday at 9pm.


Nightmare Weekend

Mutants, college girls, pinball games, roller skating, puppets, death by toothpaste – how could anyone possible summarize the overwhelming insanity of Nightmare Weekend? Before the opening credits roll, you’ll be wondering what planet this movie came from, and you’ll love every minute of it. Your best bet is to shut your brain off (even more than you usually would for the type of movies we show) and let this crazy wave of utter batshit wash over you.

Featuring the dad from Pet Semetary and the guy who played Robocop who isn’t Peter Weller.

9 pm/$10/all ages/21+ can get adult beverages at the counter!