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Poster for Demon City Shinjuku
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Demon City Shinjuku

Opens on May 24

Director: Yoshiaki Kawajiri Run Time: 80 min. Release Year: 1988 Language: Japanese

Starring: Hideyuki Hori, Hiromi Tsuru, Kiyoshi Kobayashi, Kyôko Tongû, Yusaku Yara

Ten Years ago, Genichiro Izayoi died trying to stop the sorcerer Rebi Ra, and as a result Shinjuku became a playground for demons. And now, the day approaches when Rebi Ra will complete his decade-long ritual to plunge the rest of the world into chaos! As Genichiro’s son, it falls to Kyoya to venture into the heart of Shinjuku and put an end to the sorcerer his father couldn’t beat. Can Kyoya exceed his father’s legacy, or will the demons of Shinjuku create Hell on Earth?


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