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Border: A Review by Bruce Walton

“Border,” the new movie that is Sweden’s submission for the Best Foreign Film Oscar, is an adult fairy tale, part “Snow White,” part “Eraserhead,” part “CSI: Stockholm.” The protagonist Tina is an exceedingly homely woman who believes her freakish looks to be the result of congenital chromosomal anomalies. Tina feels out of place in society but she does her best to fit in.  She works.  She has a sponge of a live-in boyfriend.  She cares for an aged parent. Beyond […]

Wild Tales Review By Paul

When I was asked to review movies and write a blog for Zoetropolis I was humbled but also doubtful that I should be the man for the job. After all, I’m no movie aficionado – I prefer literature – and I’ve never written a blog before. I also don’t think I could shill a movie that I don’t care much for myself, if that happened to be the case, and it would be sort of counterproductive for Zoetropolis to post […]