Winterbeast (SBSG)

Thu, Oct 24
  • Thu, Oct 24
7:30 pm SBSG

Thu, Oct 24 @ 7:30 pm: So Bad! So Good!

Run Time: 80 min.

Join us for the 3rd film in the So Bad! So Good! Series. Presented and Introduced by Bradley Lyndon.

“Winterbeast” (1991)
The finest, and possibly only movie ever made in Newbury, New Hampshire, Winterbeast┬áis not so much a horror film as a horror of a film: a head-scratching tour-de-force of incoherent plot twists, continuity errors, weird non-sequitors, cheap effects and clunky performances. It’s even got props borrowed from a 1980’s Dokken music video! It’s a bizarre train wreck of a movie that somehow transcends its own ineptitude to become an irresistibly entertaining anti-masterpiece!