Stable Shakers & Spencer Pheil Band / Tuck Ryan Band (Live Music)

Fri Oct 11
  • Fri Oct 11
7:30 pm Doors 7p

Fri Oct 11 @ 7:30 pm: Live Music

Run Time: 240 min.

Tuck Ryan Band

Tuck Ryan’s sounds can best be described as Mountain Soul. His Jazz infected vocals and Neo-Soul piano playing are backed by a tight rhythm section that is influenced by many of the founding fathers of Americana and soul.

Stable Shakers

Stable Shakers music was made to be unexpected – their songs exist in their own ethos. The Pennsylvania-based outfit featuring songwriter and guitarist Spencer Pheil and vocalist Brechyn Chace strive to create music that is both nostalgic and contemporary. The pair’s convergence of old and new inspirations are best heard on their debut EP “Stable Shakers” – Out August 23, 2019. Asking Pheil and Chace to define their music and genre is a loaded question – and not one where clarity is even desired. Both Pheil and Chace are satisfied with leaving the uncertainty as it is – a theme prevalent in the band’s new EP and down to their core as musicians.