Santa Claus Vs. The Devil (SBSG)

Thu, Dec 26
  • Thu, Dec 26
7:30 pm SBSG

Thu, Dec 26 @ 7:30 pm: So Bad! So Good Series!

Run Time: 94 min.

A unique reimagining of Christmas mythology, Santa Claus vs The Devil is like spending the holidays on hallucinogens. It’s a phantasmagoric cavalcade of oddities that tries hard for childhood whimsey but quickly careens off-course into the realm of head-scratchingly bizarre and borderline creepy. It’s also laugh out loud funny–but not always in the ways the filmmakers intended! As seen on season five of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Santa Claus vs The Devil is a colorful, imaginative fantasy and a wild holiday classic like nothing else you’ve ever seen!