First Friday Fright Night (FFFN)

Fri, Jan 3
  • Fri, Jan 3
9:00 pm Sold Out

Fri, Jan 3 @ 9:00 pm: FFFN

Run Time: 90 min.

All First Friday Fright Nights are Mr. Suit Records sponsored! The Mr. & the Mrs. are avid horror film fans.  Trust us when we say, no matter what movie they pick, it will be awesome. See you every first friday at 9pm.

January: THE THING

We bet that after two major holidays and what’s shaping up to be a very long, cold winter, you’re already thinking about burning down everything in sight with a flamethrower. A more productive outlet for that energy would be coming out and screaming along with your friends at one of the best funhouse movies ever made – absolutely terrifying, relentlessly claustrophobic, perfectly cast, wonderfully scored (Ennio Morricone!), subversively funny, and featuring monsters and special effects that, honestly, I don’t think have ever been topped.


9 pm/$10/all ages/21+ can get adult beverages at the counter!