Zoetropolis Theatre

new bookings for Zoetropolis

We have a great line up of films coming up.  Of course, the Oscar shorts will allow us to see the nominated films and see future greats of filmmaking. We are also featuring The Great Beauty, nominated for best foreign film. After that…wow. Like Father, Like Son…imagine raising a child for 6 years and then finding out the hospital made an error and gave you the wrong child.  It is an exploration of the meaning of parenthood. Everybody’s Going To […]

Last Day at Sundance

“Kumiko the Treasure Hunter” was made in Japan and the midwestern US.  It centered on a woman convinced she was going to find treasure in North Dakota.  Her dogged determination leads her into peril, despite the good hearted people trying to save her from her quest.  Quiet, underplayed, beautifully filmed. “Dear White People” is a satire about race, cenetering on students of color in a majority white school.  It explored identity defined by others as well as ourselves.  The director […]

Mayhem, ego, mania,humor and heartbreak

Last night, “Cold in July” had a packed theatre despite the 11:45 pm timeslot.  It was inspired by the crime thrillers of the 80’s and was set in that period.  A mulleted Michael C. Hall is a family man who kills an intruder and then terrorized by the dead man’s father, played by Sam Shepard.  An implausible set of circumstances team the two men together, along with a detective/pig farmer surprisingly well played by Don Johnson. Despite the numerous coincidences […]

not done yet !

I saw a range of film today. “52 Tuesdays” came from Australia, the film portrays a teen who is dealing with a mother is transitioning to become a man.  Both are struggling with their sexual identities, trying out their new gender roles.  It was thoughtful and empathic, another film showing gender as a spectrum, with blurred lines. “Song One” stars Anne Hathaway and Johnny Flynn.  Anne plays a woman coping with a brother in the coma, pursuing an likely relationship […]

tired, but entertained

I know it sounds ridiculous but I am exhausted.Five movies in one day are tough. The morning started with “Hits”, directed by David Cross. He took a critical eye to our culture of fame over merit, social media influence and empty political actions. Funny and thought provoking, I really enjoyed it. My favorite of the day was “The Skeleton Twins”, a dramedy dealing with siblings, suicide, and sexual mores. Kristin Wiig has always been painfully funny, almost uncomfortable to watch, […]

Two road trips and two murderers

“A Trip To Italy” starred Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan (Philomena). Both are comic actors doing a gastronomic trip through Italy (similar to their previous film “The Trip”) touring and eating their way through Britain. They are comic actors, gifted in impressions, and much of there meals are comic riffs as well as mouth watering feasts for the eye. The director, Michael Winterbottom, was at the show as well as the stars, who did few impressions for the audience. I […]

Happy, sad, reprehensible, Sulu

“Happy Christmas” Anna Kendricks played a woman staying in her brother’s home. She has an uncentered existence,frequently under the influence,trying the patience of her sister-in-law. Her speech pattern was trying for spontaneous but was just annoying (Lake Bell would have a field day). The group consensus was that the baby was the best in the cast. “Happy Valley” was a doc about the Penn State community reaction to the Jerry Sandusky tragedy. We in PA are all too well aware […]

two movies, one tortured, the other tender

Only two movies today, made an airport run to pick up my sister Patricia. She is here to ski and catch a movie or two. “The Double” starred Jesse Eisenberg, playing Simon James, living a nearly invisible life in a grim retro/futurist world, whose only bright spot is his long distance crush on Mia Wasikoska. James Simon arrives, the exact double of the main character, but winning the hearts of of all around him, not betraying his evil nature. Existential, […]

Sundance cinema-fiction and documentary

“Frank” a wannabe musician ends up with a dysfunctional group of musicians, led by the mysterious Frank.Michael Fassbender and Maggie Gyllenhaal attended the show, with the director Lenny Abrahamson and other members of the creative team. Frank wears a paper mache head every moment of the day,and he may be the most sane one in the ensemble. A great study of characters, a classic Sundance movie. “Marmato” centers on a Columbian town caught in the modern gold rush. Old vs […]

Three completely different movies at Sundance

The films I viewed today couldn’t have been more disparate. “A Most Wanted Man”-Phillip Seymour played a German intelligence officer in this adaption of le Carre’s novel. He was quite good, as were well as Willem Dafoe, and Robin Wright.  Rachel McAdams was a bit out of place. The pace was slow but the non-American perspective was refreshing. The Foxy Merkins was a quirky, lesbian hooker buddy movie.  Funny and sweet at times, painful at others. No “L” word type […]