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Entertainment Review by Paul W.

If you’ve seen the comedy of Neil Hamburger and mocked those who cringed at his shtick, laughed at his jokes about Elton John, tigers, and assholes – or the one where Madonna lactates Alpo dog food – this is the movie for your dark and twisted soul. Perhaps this is too obscure. Not to worry; coolness isn’t commensurate with obscurity anymore and there is a better lead to this review. Let’s try again. This is a film about being stuck […]

Diary Of A Teenage Girl- by cheila

You can’t really prepare yourself for this film…unless you wiki it or cheat in some other way. It kind of jumps in full force and sucker punches you right away. It is based on the graphic novel The Diary of a Teenage Girl: An Account in Words and Pictures by Phoebe Gloeckner. Because of this, animated drawings are woven into the film giving it a wonderful artful edge. In fact, the edge never really fades out of the picture, ever… and by […]

The Look Of Silence

The Look of Silence is a shocking film that will have you looking around the room and counting how many jaws are dropped. It is a film about the genocide that occurred in Indonesia in the 1960s killing around 1 million people. The film takes us on a series of confrontations through interviews with the killers in the present day. The audience learns the brutal murder story of the interviewer’s brother. Through his confrontations and talks with his mother, we […]

Tangerine Review by Paul W.

I showed up for the transgender, drug-fueled, pimp-chasing comedy, but I stayed for something so much more. Tangerine is an innovative low-budget Indie set in Hollywood and filmed with a couple of iPhones and an abundance of frenetic energy, west coast beats, and the charming performances of Kitana Kiki Rodriguez (Cin-Dee) and Mya Taylor (Alexandra). The expectation I think must be a didactic sort of preachy feel-good story about the equality of the transgender community, which of course would be […]

The Wolfpack Review by Bruce

Wow, this is one dysfunctional family! Locked away in an apartment by a paranoid immigrant father frightened of the urban ills of Lower Manhattan, seven siblings are home-schooled and learn of the world by watching movies on TV; obsessively watching movies.  The boys pore over their favorite films, modeling themselves after characters from Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan,  videoing their own re-enactments of these same films. Filmmaker Crystal Moselle happened to meet these kids on one of their rare forays […]

Gabriel Review by G.A. Nicholas

I recently watched Gabriel and I must say, I haven’t seen a movie with such a realistic and dramatic focus in quite a long time. Gabriel’s theme is based on the fact that Gabriel battles himself above all. Although at first it is unclear what his circumstances are, it soon becomes apparent that Gabriel is mentally unstable and is constantly on the verge of emotional breakdown and physical exhaustion. Contrary to the old saying the further you walk in his […]

Iris Review by Cheila

Guess what? We’re extending Iris for an additional week June 26-July 2nd!  So, Let’s talk IRIS. This is one that Nate, Leigh and I all agreed on while watching trailers one day. Who can say no to those big glasses and fantastic accessories not to mention her opinions on life that adorn the film with her personality the whole time? While watching it, I found myself wishing I could meet her and talk with her about life. At age 93 she’s not […]

Wild Tales Review By Paul

When I was asked to review movies and write a blog for Zoetropolis I was humbled but also doubtful that I should be the man for the job. After all, I’m no movie aficionado – I prefer literature – and I’ve never written a blog before. I also don’t think I could shill a movie that I don’t care much for myself, if that happened to be the case, and it would be sort of counterproductive for Zoetropolis to post […]


Hellow Zoe readers! Let’s talk Timbuktu.  I recently had a chance to screen this film and absolutely loved it.  I’m going to go ahead and INSIST you see it.  The synopsis of the movie goes a little something like this: Not far from the ancient Malian city of Timbuktu, now ruled by the religious fundamentalists, proud cattle herder Kidane (Ibrahim Ahmed aka Pino) lives peacefully in the dunes with his wife Satima (Toulou Kiki), his daughter Toya (Layla Walet Mohamed), […]


Today we took the chance to take full advantage of the snow day and catch Babadook during closed hours all by ourselves in the theater.  We grabbed some popcorn and sat in the dark, empty theater in the middle of the DAY to watch the movie which has been described as one of the scariest films released in years.  Nate and I love a good scare and the best films are always the ones that integrate some sort of psychological element […]