Zoetropolis Theatre

Roots & Blues Success!

  Wow what a weekend! Our new location on Water St. was open this weekend for Roots & Blues and we were all on cloud nine. After months of construction the team worked non-stop to get our space ready for the festival. We’re so proud of the new theater space so far and are eternally grateful to the many volunteers who helped us with all the hard work it took to prepare the space. From hanging curtains to painting, heavy […]

Roots & Blues at Zoetropolis!

We are thrilled to be one of the featured venues for the 5th Annual Lancaster Roots & Blues Festival, taking  place during the weekend of March 9-11! As many of you may be aware, our relocation comes with several exciting developments – one of which is a new focus on providing a high quality live music experience. We have been working with Clair Solutions on the design and installation of a new audio/video and lighting system, and can’t wait to share […]

Construction Junction

 As many of you may or may not know, construction on a building can feel like a big can of worms. A once “easy project” turns into months of hard work. I remember years ago when we wanted new kitchen cabinets and ended up demoing the entire kitchen down to the bare bones and thinking “what did we get ourselves into?” Here is a photo of what our theater space looked like a year ago when excavation began.     […]

New Location, New Partners, New Investors!

  Did you hear Zoetropolis is expanding and relocating? Did you also know that we not only have new managing partners joining the team but also Taylor Kinney as one of our investors? Check out our video and the story the LNP did on us HERE!

[Fringe with benefits] by Amanda

[Fringe with benefits] roars of scores & the rumble of theatrics sneak through the walls the bass, it tickles it fills the empty lobby, my imagination bangs on the drums in my ears I like it here where shotty string lamps illuminate old floor boards & art alike in the same warming orange light where a disco ball spins slow, insistent on slinging hints of glitter/rainbow shards of sun around unconditional of who stands below, whats going on the party […]

Lost In Paris Review by O. W. Dee

The body is the actor’s instrument. Rarely has that instrument been put to more effective use then in the slapstick French comedy film “Lost in Paris.” Writer-director Fiona Gordon is riveting as a prim Canadian librarian who decides to visit her aging aunt, a former dancer, played by the renown French actress Emmanuelle Riva. The film’s themes (the title in French “Paris pieds nus” or Paris Barefoot) explore dance movement both broadly and delicately as French filmmakers often do. Gordon […]


So many of you have asked us the question we’ve been hearing several times a day almost every day for the last 6 months or so….”When are you moving?” So in order to keep our loyal Zoe community in the know, we wanted to keep you updated about our progress with the new space. For those of you that haven’t heard but have seen for rent signs on our current space on W. James St., we are moving to 114 […]

Wakefield Review by W. R. Bouday

Wakefield review By W.R. Bouday “Star quality is the ability to project, without effort, the outlines of a unique personality.” – Danny Massey Well, if Massey is correct, then Bryan Cranston, star of the new film Wakefield, has it in diamonds. The movie, written and directed by Robin Swicord, is based on a New Yorker story by the late E.L. Doctorow, author of Ragtime. Cranston plays Howard Wakefield, who decides, in a fit of pique at his wife, to stay […]

A Quiet Passion Review by Dan Missildine

A Quiet Passion, starring Cynthia Nixon, is as exquisite and spare as an Emily Dickinson poem which befits this magnificent portrait of the 19th Century poetess, unappreciated in her lifetime but now recognized as one of the most influential writers in American history. “Why aren’t there more movies being made like this?” asked one viewer leaving a recent showing at Zoetropolis. Indeed. Given the current grind of crude trash coming out of Hollywood to much acclaim, it’s a wonder that […]