So Bad, So Good: KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park (1978)

Opens in May

Run Time: 96 min.

An extraordinarily rare screening of the film KISS does not want you to see! The mega-band was at the height of their popularity with a slew of multi-platinum albums on the charts when they agreed to appear in this notoriously cheap made-for-TV turkey. Watch spellbound as KISS use their magic talismans to summon secret powers! Thrill at the heart-poundingly evil machinations of a mad scientist and his sinister automatons! Laugh yourself sick as everyone involved embarasses and debases themselves, only to later deny this train wreck ever happened!

27 years after its single TV airing KISS themselves forced an immediate recall of the only DVD release, making this an extremely obscure film that even most devotees of the band have never seen. It’s a one-time showing KISS fans and lovers of 70’s cheese will not want to miss!