Construction Junction

 As many of you may or may not know, construction on a building can feel like a big can of worms. A once “easy project” turns into months of hard work. I remember years ago when we wanted new kitchen cabinets and ended up demoing the entire kitchen down to the bare bones and thinking “what did we get ourselves into?” Here is a photo of what our theater space looked like a year ago when excavation began.




Now imagine that on a grand scale and picture a team of 5 making their dreams come true one day at a time. It’s happening…but we’ve learned it takes time to get it right.

And speaking of getting it right, our bathrooms are AMAZING. Here is the raw brick wall with years of history within the layers of cracked paint, giving character and style to our beautifully designed bathrooms.




We’re all really anxious to open our doors and show you what we’ve been up to and that will happen on the Theater side of our new building on March 9th for the Lancaster Roots and Blues Festival.

Shown here is our concession area which will be topped with a wooden bar by Rudewood which we’re super psyched about. You’ll be able to order drinks, movie snacks and food here for the theater.




Here we are hanging curtains before our sound was installed by Clair. Believe me, the sound is going to blow you away.It already feels like home and we’re ready to jump in and make it better than ever. Many people have expressed wanting it to feel like the old Zoe and don’t worry, it will. The artistic style and radical comfort of Zoetropolis is never going away. See you soon and check back often to read updates of what we’re up to and what’s new at Zoetropolis. 


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