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Love After Love Reviewed by Whitney Daniel

The camera can’t get enough of Andie MacDowell. We can imagine that the film, Love After Love, directed by Russell Harbaugh, was conceived and pitched as a vehicle for us to indulge our gaze on her still lovely features. She plays Suzanne, an agonized wife and mother who is about to lose her husband to throat cancer. Into this setup steps her “good” son Nicholas, played by Chris O’Dowd, the lovable cop in “Bridesmaids”. That previous outing does nothing to […]

Elle- A Review by W.R. Bouday

Elle Reviewed by W.R. Bouday Elle, a revenge fantasy film, jovially upends all our conventional assumptions about female sexuality. The story intrigues us with a nothing-is-what-it-seems, intoxicating blend of wicked, dark comedy and scary wild ride. We have been yearning for filmmakers who can portray our sexuality in all its complexity and contradiction and Elle, thanks to the talents of French actress Isabelle Huppert and director Paul Verhoeven (Basic Instinct), delivers. Huppert, whose career has been built on obsessive characterizations […]

Moonlight Review by Dan Missildine

Moonlight is a film of surprising, extraordinary tenderness set in an environment of severe emotional and material deprivation. The story of Chiron, a boy growing up in the Liberty City section of Miami, is played by three different actors over several phases of his life. He struggles to survive with a drug-addicted single mother while being bullied at school for his less than macho manner. The depiction of his isolation by director Barry Jenkins is almost too heartbreaking to bear. Moonlight has […]

Moonlight by MacKenzie Richards

Never has the struggle of what it means to find yourself amidst a sea of people telling you what you are and who you should be been so deftly communicated than in Barry Jenkins’ stunning film Moonlight. You’ve probably heard a bit about the film — it’s essentially a triptych following the life of a young man trying to understand his identity in drug-devastated Miami. But this simple plot description doesn’t convey the empathy, the scope, or the beauty of […]

The Love Witch Review by W.R. Bouday

The Love Witch, directed and written by Anna Biller, is a campy spoof of 1960s style sexploitation films, Russ Meyer’s Vixen! comes to mind, but with a macabre comic feminist twist. Samantha Robinson plays Elaine, a recent divorcee who has been dumped by her husband, and is determined to get another man – or simply more men. To do so she studies occult magic and concocts various love potions which entrance her male quarry but lead to deadly, although seemingly […]

The Handmaiden Review by O.W. Dee

The Handmaiden reviewed by O.W. Dee The Handmaiden is a lush, fascinating look at Korean and Japanese culture in the early 20th century – a sort of Asian Downton Abbey – with sex. The erotic story, directed by Park Chan-Wook, about a group of thieves who infiltrate a wealthy family, is filled with deception, plot twists and double crosses. Although based on Sarah Waters’ British novel, Fingersmith, the setting easily transfers to the rigidly formal world of South Asia. A […]

Swiss Army Man Review by Matt J.

What. The. F**k.?? That is both the final line of the clever, twisted farce Swiss Army Man and the best description of the bemused glances my fellow attendees gave to each other as the lights when up and they walked, in a daze, to their cars. I can’t remember the last time my notebook was filled with so many synonyms for ‘weird” but that’s the only way to really get at it. This is a strange and attractive film that […]

Dheepan Review by Joseph Brown

Somewhere in the Sri Lanka wilderness, the bodies of refuges are piled high, covered with withered palm branches, and ignited. Whatever led up to this event has been sealed by the flames, and in the ashes a different life will begin. A man dressed for combat stands in front of the fire, watching it burn. In a few moments he will be given a new name, Dheepan, along with a woman named Yalini and a girl Illayaal who are to […]