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RBG Review by Dan Missildine

“RBG” is one of the most inspiring and gently humorous documentary films this ancient reviewer has ever seen. If you thought  you knew everything you needed to know about Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg you need to see her story. This is a moving and beautifully artful history of our most passionate advocate for equal rights at the ultimate legal level. In numerous interviews throughout the film, she is fond of quoting Sarah Grimke, the 19th Century gender rights […]

I Am Not Your Negro review by O. W. Dee

I Am Not Your Negro By O.W. Dee The documentary film “I Am Not Your Negro” is a deeply felt and engrossing study of the civil rights movement from the perspective of African-American novelist James Baldwin who died in 1987 at the age of 63. Samuel L. Jackson narrates the film, under the direction of Haitian-born Raoul Peck, his text being the writings of Baldwin including archival footage of interviews and lectures. The story is based on an unfinished manuscript […]

All Contained in Void Review

All Contained in Void Reviewed by O.W. Dee I had the privilege of seeing an early screening of Whit Missildine’s film All Contained in Void at the San Francisco Film Festival, where it was well received and elicited an encore showing. I’m happy to report this insightful documentary is coming to Zoetropolis, Oct. 14th. The film explores the parts of our world from which we all too often turn away: the public spaces inhabited by the forgotten members of our society: […]

The Look Of Silence

The Look of Silence is a shocking film that will have you looking around the room and counting how many jaws are dropped. It is a film about the genocide that occurred in Indonesia in the 1960s killing around 1 million people. The film takes us on a series of confrontations through interviews with the killers in the present day. The audience learns the brutal murder story of the interviewer’s brother. Through his confrontations and talks with his mother, we […]