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To our loyal customers, friends and supporters:

Thanks for your enduring loyalty and support during the trying times of COVID. As a small business it is an especially challenging time and we are taking things day by, adjusting to changes and getting creative with our services.

Please know up front that we, Zoetropolis Cinema Stillhouse are doing our very best to stay open, provide the same upstanding level of service, programming and food and beverage that we always have. We are currently expecting to stay open unless the government determines that it is absolutely necessary to close.

We are taking extreme precautions with cleanliness of the entire building using sanitizer on all hard surfaces. Employees are required to wash hands frequently at 30 minute intervals and wear gloves in the kitchen. We are also wiping down the seats and hard surfaces in the theater after every show and in the restaurant as well.

If you are wondering how you can help Zoetropolis during this period of uncertainty and help us stay open, please consider ordering take out from our restaurant and distillery. You simply call ahead with your order 717-208-6572, we can take payment over the phone and deliver the items from our courtyard. This includes the menu shown below as well as any spirit we make by the bottle. Rum, Oaked Rum, Spiced Rum, Gin, Barrel Rested Gin & Vodka. Carry out will help us tremendously!

Another thing you can do to help us is to share any of our posts, news or blogs to help us spread the word on how we plan to adapt to the limits of this time. Again, we are taking every precaution, safety measure and will continue to communicate clearly with the public about our plan.

Thanks again for helping us during this crazy time.

All our appreciation to you, our customers.


The Zoetropolis Cinema Stillhouse Team



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