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Philosophy-Drink-Film Series is back tonight 11/21 at 6:30 with Arrival.
If you haven’t joined us before, this is a WONDERFUL series that combines curated films with cocktails and meaningful discussion following each film. Introduction and discussion lead by York College Philosophy professor, Dennis Weiss.
Arrival is a beautiful film that provokes interesting questions intertwining aliens, first contact, language and consciousness, time, and, yes, even motherhood:
  • How do we envision first contact with an alien species?
  • What are the challenges of trying to communicate with an alien intelligence?
  • How does our language shape our subjective lives?
  • How do we human beings “live” in time?
  • Are there different ways to live in time?
Arrival asks us to think about what it might be like to confront and try to understand and communicate with an alien intelligence. Join us for a special night of Philosophy, Drinks and Film Thursday November 21 at 6:30. Discussion to follow film and we’ll be featuring a specialty cocktail pairing!