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Monos is a new film that is playing for one more week at Zoetropolis and I can’t recommend it enough. I wish I had the magic formula for writing the most persuasive essay that would bring droves of people in to see this. I wish that simply by posting the trailer people would be inspired enough to come in and experience this film. If only it were that simple right?

The reason I’m writing is because this movie is currently my favorite Zoetropolis film of the year so far and the effect of seeing it in the dark on the big screen is worth it. LIKE SO WORTH IT. ┬áIt will not be the same when and if you watch it at home. It just won’t. The visual effect is stunning. The sound design is amazing. The director has his hand on the pulse of youth, youth culture, gender roles, the militant cultural history of Colombia and a beautiful point of view on scenes that make you feel something real. You’re dropped in the Colombian mountains not knowing what is going on and the film never apologizes for it. So refreshing. So interesting. SO ARTHOUSE.

I urge you to make time for this film. Here are the showtimes for the rest of the week. Do yourselves a favor.



Friday 10/25 12:30pm, 5:00pm

Saturday 10/26 2:30pm

Sunday 10/27 12:30

Monday 10/28 7:30

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