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A delicious round of Silver Rum is available at Zoetropolis in both the movie lobby bar and the Stillhouse Restaurant! We’ll be featuring new Rum cocktails as well as rotating cocktails on draft as we boost the word of our in house Rum production.

Our Silver Rum is a blend of several experiments Nate has been working on for a premium flavor profile. Right away you might notice the scent of molasses and cane notes with flavors of butter, vanilla and interestingly…banana.

Bottles showcasing our wonderful Lancaster Distilleries logo are available for purchase anywhere in Zoe. Enjoy a rum cocktail or rum on the rocks. Thanks to our designer Scotty Reifsnyder for the beautiful labels. You’ll notice Nate and his dog Peanutbutter on the designs as well.

More spirits and versions of rum products will be rolling out through the fall/winter months. Look for Vodka and Gin next! Visit our Drink page for more info on the distillery.



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