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“A Love Letter to our Restaurant”

As an owner of the new Zoetropolis Cinema Stillhouse, I thought it was important to write a post about how proud we are of the new restaurant and what creative dishes and cocktails are being served.

Basically every time we have a meeting and get an update from our General Manager Emily deVitry and Chef Gerry Geda, my mouth starts watering. Not only do they introduce new items daily but do it with bold style. With the help of the super talented and creative individuals in the kitchen and bar, the fun and experimentation we’ve seen is exciting and new and this town is so ready for it.

The food that is being developed is better than I could have ever imagined or hoped for. Every single thing that comes out of that kitchen is something that we are personally proud to present. Gerry, Adam, Frank, Winona, Gustavo, Tony, Anna, Julia….you’re all blowing my mind.

Beverage side, we’ve got a thoughtfully created menu with feature cocktails for every single movie we show. A big shout out to Beau and the rest of the bar team that make such inventive and incredibly delicious drinks!

Lastly one million thanks to every single person that works here for all of your hard work and care with our special place.

I love you all and I love what you’re doing for Zoetropolis. Thank you from my heart.