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We are excited to spread the word about a special film that is coming to our theater on Friday 4/19 at 7:30pm! It’s a one night special showing of a film that has never been released before in the U.S.

The film El Desencanto is a cult classic documentary made in the 1970s. Think of it as a Spanish Grey Gardens. Oddness prevails in this fast talking, poetic Spanish documentary film in which we see a family’s history and dynamic unfold through intimate and sometimes heated conversations exposing their perceptions of their own disenchantment.
Author Aaron Shulman personally brought this film to audiences in the states due to his passion for the incredible personalities in this film. Aaron takes us deeply into the lives, loves, and poetry of the Paneros, Spain’s most compelling and eccentric family, whose lives intersected memorably with many of the most storied figures in the art, literature, and politics of the time—from Neruda to Salvador Dalí, from Ava Gardner to Pablo Picasso to Roberto Bolaño.
Personally, I watched the film today and was fascinated at how unusual the family interacted, how their intellect and poetic speaking blended into arguments and story telling. I think this is a fantastic opportunity to see a film that you may never get the chance to see anywhere else again.
Please come to Zoe this Friday 4/19 @ 7:30pm for the film and a talk with the author following. Plus we have cozy couch seating, popcorn, drinks, cocktails, beers and snacks to keep you even happier. Hope to see you there!
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