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 It’s 2019 so Happy New Year everyone! We’ve spent the holidays with our families but also spent lots of time in the soon to be restaurant and distillery at Zoe and we wanted to give you an update.

First of all you will see that the brick courtyard is coming along nicely. We can’t wait to fill the space with seating and plants and all the good stuff that happens when the weather gets warmer. This is a space we’ll be sharing with the other businesses as well so it will be a great communal space.

The still is completely set up and we’re eager to get going with our production. More details on this to come!

If you’ve peeked in the front garage doors at any point, you’ve probably seen Nate working on our bar which features hand made concrete tiles and a real vintage shuffleboard bar top.







He’s hand forged metal brackets and fixtures for the foot rail and all of it will be framed with beautiful maple wood trim full of some of the prettiest wood swirls and knots we’ve ever had the pleasure of clear coating.









Other than the bar, we’ve been painting like mad. There will be a clean light grey hallway, a blue ceiling and don’t worry…we’ll have PLENTY of color added which you’ll see because we hope to open our doors soon! How soon? Maybe a month or two? Stay tuned, we’re trying our best and hurrying up, because we can’t wait either!

Thanks for your patience and Happy New Year!