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Hey hey. Cheila here. Today was really fun because my friend Keri and I brought our 13 year old daughters in to see Eighth Grade  and had them each write up their review of the film. How cool to watch this film with your 8th grader! It’s one of those Zoe moments that shoot straight to the heart. The film has an R rating which all four of us agreed was crazy. It’s SUPER clear that 13/14 year olds are TOTALLY aware of pretty much EVERY reference in the film that makes the parents squirm and wonder…does my kid know what that is? I loved it and I hope you come to see the film with your middle schooler or high schooler, friends etc. We all remember how awkward middle school was and this film gets it. Down to a T.

👌Tulia’s Review👌:

Tulia and Stella

My Name is Tulia Huettner and I’m starting 8th grade this Monday. Today I watched the movie Eighth Grade. I really liked Kayla and sympathized with her and her father. There were scenes where Kayla was really mean to him like throwing bananas at him! I also felt bad for Kayla because she never seemed to fit in. I thought that the movie was really well done and really shows what some middle schoolers go through like trouble making friends or feeling like an outsider. Kayla also does videos where she gives advice, which I liked. I wish she could have followed her own advice more. I didn’t like how there was no resolution to the backseat truth or dare scene where she’s in the backseat with an older teenage boy. I REALLY didn’t like that she didn’t tell anyone about what happened but overall it was a great movie. So yeah, make sure to share with your friends and subscribe. GUCCI! 👌

👌Stella’s Review👌:

Post film Conversation Couch

So, I was a little hesitant to watch the movie eighth grade, as it was rated R. Being in eighth grade I was excited to see how this movie was portraying an eighth grader. The movie was enjoyable except for a few things. The rating is off; this movie should totally be rated PG-13. It was not super over-the-top with cursing or anything like that. Next thing: I could not relate to the main character at all. I’m sure some people would but to me, everything was over the top. It seemed horrible to be her. From my perspective people don’t have such over exaggerated personalities – I’m especially talking about the mean girls and cool boy. Overall I’d say there were a lot of good points too. The main character really changed and you grow to like her through the movie. The movie was fun to see and I recommend this to eighth graders. But there were some very awkward moments- well pretty much the entire movie was an awkward moment and has you cringing at every turn.