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I make it a priority at Zoe to choose films that a wide variety of people will like which is often a balancing act of film taste, public demand and bringing films with a cause to Lancaster. My favorite thing about this job is when a movie like RBG comes along that fulfills all of the categories at once and it’s a huge hit….and let me tell you RBG is kind of like a booster shot of hope and gratitude.

As a woman, mother and business owner, I’ve often thought of myself as a strong person. I’ve got an education, a feminist set of values and I work really hard….But not as hard as Ruth. BY FAR. You’ll see what I mean when you hear about her work hours.

If you haven’t heard of RBG, it’s the film title, short for Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the Supreme Court Justice who at 84 is kicking it hard core and STILL fighting for gender equality like a royal warrior in the court system.

The doc is touchingly told with a blend of old photos of the Justice combined with current day interviews. She reflects on her work over the course of her career most of which many of us have forgotten about or may not have known in the first place. We also get to learn about her relationship with her husband whose unending support will definitely make you mist up if not cry like a baby, like I did.

In fact, I am not ashamed to admit that I cried a lot during the film mostly because after this year of political turmoil, it felt incredibly comforting to know that someone like Justice Ginsberg was fighting for equality for women and always has been. Like, Ruth’s got our backs.

I can’t recommend this documentary enough. It’s uplifting and inspiring and we could all use plenty of that in our lives. I unabashedly GUSH and openly profess my love for RBG. She’s definitely a hero and I’m going to start wearing Dissent Collars as part of my regular wardrobe from now on.

RBG will be playing until May 31 and buying your ticket on the site is highly recommended because we’ve been selling out like crazy!