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We’re so excited to announce that we’re now selling Hempzels Pretzels at Zoetropolis! These delicious pretzels are baked onsite and coated with salt or cinnamon-sugar and are available with hot pepper jelly or horseradish mustard. The Zoetropolis team taste tested the swirl pretzels and instantly loved them.

They’re one million times better than the store bought box brands. They’re not only delicious but you may be surprised to know that Hempzels are full of protein. In fact one Hempzels pretzel contain the same level of protein you would normally get in TWO hotdogs!

They are made in Lancaster County with wheat based and fortified Canadian hemp flour, hemp seed and help oil plus a touch of brown sugar. For those of you that may have questions about the ingredients, there is zero THC in the pretzels and they are non GMO and vegan! They are fuller in flavor, darker in color and versatile as traditional pretzels, bagels or desserts.

We’re just getting started with these and are brainstorming different ways to make them even more delicious in the coming weeks. Most of all they just taste fantastic and it’s exciting to support another local business too. Look for our pretzels at the concession stand on your way in to see a movie.

You can find out more about Hempzels on their website HERE.