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Drum roll please! We’ve moved and we’re now showing films at our new 112 N. Water St. location! Thank you for your patience during our transition period. So many details and plans changed along the way and it was difficult to nail down a specific date for the public but we’ve done it at last! We’ve definitely been on what we call the “Zoe-lercoaster” as you might imagine when you expand and move a business. Thrilling with unexpected twists and turns to be sure.

If you aren’t familiar with the new location area, we only moved a few blocks away on Water Street. We’re practically on the corner of Orange and Water and are directly next to the Loft restaurant. We’re also across the street from the Sunoco station. The building is gray with a big orange stripe and the walkway is currently lined with metal railings to guide you safely into our entrance on the side of the building. The sign is painted on what will be our future restaurant and distillery which is directly connected to the theater.

Tickets are still available on our fresh new website and trailers and showtimes are only a click away when you navigate the events calendar. Come sit on one of our new bright and colorful fabric sofas or luxuriate in a few of the new leather beauties we purchased recently. There is also comfortable traditional theater seating and a few old favorites from the James St. location.

Concessions will proudly feature our notorious popcorn which we pop in coconut oil and top with REAL butter! There will be a few new food items making an appearance as we develop the space as well so stay tuned and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get updates on menu changes, showtimes and upcoming films.

We can’t wait to see you at the new Zoetropolis location on Water Street this week!